The Benedictine Abbey of Tihany has existed on the Tihany Peninsula for 950 years. Our church, like other old churches in general is directed onto the rising sun. During the past centuries both destruction and revival have fallen to its share several times. The tomb of the founder King Andrew I is a precious monument of present-day Hungary.
The “underchurch” i.e. the royal crypt is one of the most valuable structures of our medieval architectural heritage. The lavishly decorated baroque church is a witness of an age heralding reviving after destruction. Why are churches built? It is because ever since human has lived on Earth he has always longed for eternity. The manifestation of this desire is every kind of real art. Church and art are related inseparably. Church is not a mere art-historical monument. The church is a sight warning us from far away to turn our eyes up to heaven. It is a sheltered space assembling people;
- people who desire for beauty
- people who seek for silence
- people who want to raise their hearts.

We wish everybody entering this house of God to find tranquillity and peace inside. Let’s
stop and standstill with admiration in front of the artistic oeuvre of those who created and
preserved these pieces of art. May they take the experience of beauty with them, which
heralds in this place, too that the world is bigger and more than what we can see of it with our eyes.

Peace to the arriving – Blessing to the departing.

Prior Dr. Korzenszky Richárd

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